Threats to Data Center Environments


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Often thought of as a small issue and overlooked is good cable management. For a Data Centre to perform perfectly, downtime must be kept to a minimum. There are many ways to improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). One method is good use of cable management.

If cables are not correctly positioned they can often block airflow which then has the knock on effect of forcing your cooling units to work harder, increasing power usage and the chance of downtime. Correctly placed cables along with a good airflow strategy often results in huge benefits to a Data Centre.

Another threat includes static-charged particles. These can potentially be fatal, causing disastrous explosive fires caused by most flammable material which is easy to ignite; such as dust, cardboard or paper. These materials can reach air-cooled equipment before being filtered through air conditioning units.

Other materials which are statically charged and come into contact with equipment can also be dangerous causing data memory loss, resets, erroneous commands and damage to micro-circuitry.

Many forms of dust particles can cause these severe issues within a critical environment which is why good management and the correct cleaning methods are imperative to a successful operation.