Top 5 benefits of LED lighting


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1. Lifetime

The long lifetime of LED lights is what makes them stand out compared to normal light bulbs. An LED’s standard lifetime is around 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to 11 years of none stop light production!

This also saves on cost. Think of all the time and money that is spent maintaining traditional lighting, especially on a large property like a distribution centre.

2. Energy Consumption

Compared to traditional lighting, LEDs come out on top for energy efficiency. LED lighting is estimated to be around 80%-90% efficient meaning that around 80%-90% of energy is used to create light and the remainder is lost in other forms of energy such as heat.

Compare this to conventional lighting which is split 20% of energy being transferred to light and the other 80% lost to other forms of energy like heat.

This means that if your property is illuminated by traditional lighting and your electricity bill is £100 for example, £20 is used to light the property and the other £80 has been used just to heat the room!

3. Recyclability 

LED lights are 100% recyclable. This coupled with their long lifespan can reduce your carbon footprint exponentially.

4. Durability

LEDs are built to last. They’re created with strong components that can withstand extreme conditions. They’re resistant to shock, impact, vibrations and the weather making them ideal for many situations.

5. Instant Lighting

One of the great advantages of LED lighting is that no matter how many times it’s switched on and off its lifetime and light emission isn’t affected. Also LEDs switch on instantly, not needing the extra time to reach full brightness.

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