UK Manufacturing industry sees a shock decline


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The UK manufacturing industry has suffered a shock decline with output falling by 0.5% compared to this time time last year, and the PMI falling to 51.3 in the last month.

Exports also fell to their lowest level in 5 years showing signs that the economic recovery is slowing even when economists estimated manufacturing would grow 0.2%.

Manufacturing accounts for around 10% of the UK economy and is the only sector which has performed poorly and reported a decline. The main driver is thought to be a drop in non-EU trade, with trade to emerging markets falling by 18% in July when compared with June.

The UK is no longer the ‘workshop of the world’ but there have been some successes. The production levels of the UK car manufacturing industry was up 40% in August, compared to last year’s figures, with the UK producing over 1 million cars in 2015, a first since the financial crash in 2008.

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