Why should businesses care about recycling?


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Why businesses should care?

The simple answer is Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ). All companies are being targeted on their CSR impacts, from sustainability to environmental protection. The day to day business should have a neutral impact on the working environment, through energy usage, Carbon Foot printing and Waste Management.

What is Waste Management?

Waste Management is more than just putting in a bin to remove waste generated from the daily business activities, its empowering staff at all levels to care about the waste. Whether this is through Internal Recycling Programs to full management of the waste as it leaves the building.

Recycling is easy, virtually all councils provide some form of Recycling processes to domestic households, whether as multiple containers for the various waste streams to an all purpose Mixed Recycling bin. Staff know how to recycle at home, so it’s just a matter of bringing the same principles to work. Admittedly, there may be some changes depending on what’s provided, but the basic premise is the same, would just need a minor education plan to inform of the correct procedures.

Additionally, by empowering staff to recycle, gets them caring about their work-place environment, which can lead to improvements in Morale & Productivity.

However, you can’t tell or force people to recycle at work; it has to be more subtle encouragement, so that they want to recycle themselves. You can’t have ‘Bin-Police’, as this just encourages rebellion, especially in the younger age-range of staff.

As for External Bin Management, utilising a Waste Management company will ascertain what the best form of service is for you. They will recommend a system and will continuously monitor provision to ensure that the best facilities are available. As always, Service is key, and everyone wants their bins emptied with minimal fuss, but it’s also about caring where their waste ends up, how it segregated and ultimately whether it ends up in a ‘Hole in the Ground’

With Landfill sites being used up and closed off, at current consumption rates, all existing Landfill sites will be full and capped off by 2023. That is why the Environment Agency ( EA ) have brought out all their latest measures.

Green companies that do their bit are rewarded through Green Accreditations which can be displayed on their websites and Marketing information. Most companies want to form business partnerships with companies that have strong Green Aspirations, which in turn leads to New Business and Turnover, everything a business needs to survive.