Cordant’s Working Green approach embeds sustainable working practices into the delivery of cleaning, security and technical services. It focuses on reducing negative externalities arising from essential service delivery. Working Green targets energy and carbon use, water consumption and waste generation with minimisation and reuse initiatives. Working Green sets annual targets for Cordant to reduce our impact on the environment.

Cordant recognises that it has a corporate social responsibility to the local community and to the environment as a whole to reduce the environmental impact caused through its operations. The Board of Directors are committed to developing policies and procedures through the course of its business to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable, the prevention of pollution and preservation of natural resources.

Key Environmental Performance Indicators

We will strive to continually reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) year-on-year by working with our suppliers to encourage them to follow our lead on improving the environment we live in.

We plan to reduce our CO2 emissions by:

  • Reducing energy used in our buildings

  • Reduce paper usage

  • Use of energy conscious equipment

  • Environment initiatives - Green IT

  • Sustainable monitoring

  • Waste and End of Life management

  • Use of sustainable equipment