Retail Security During the Covid Pandemic

The UK government has announced that retailers will be able to extend their daily opening hours in the run-up to Christmas.

As the UK comes out of ‘lockdown 2.0’ and enters back into its tiered system the nations high streets are set to receive a much-needed boost. All non-essential retail across England can now reopen with extended hours to allow longer service to customers and better management of footfall. These measures hope to help ease transport pressures and make socially distanced shopping easier - giving people greater flexibility to choose when they shop and allowing them to avoid peak times.

What we have to remember is COVID-19 is still out there - the pandemic is far from over. Health and safety is therefore still a key factor. Having been unable to hit the high street for so long, and with Christmas around the corner, consumers will no doubt flock to their nearest stores, even if it’s just to experience some normality in a time of chaos. And given the struggles faced this year, will retailers maintain good social distance measures or let standards slip if it means increased sales?

Robert Jenrick MP said: “None of us entirely enjoy navigating the crowds, especially now when social distancing is so important for controlling the pandemic. So with these changes, your local shops can open longer, ensuring more pleasant and safer shopping with less pressure on public transport”.

At Cordant Services we can help you with your retail security needs and support you during these challenging times. We’re proud to protect what matters to you. It’s our duty to make your customers and staff feel safe and secure by delivering tailored solutions which meet your complex risk profiles.

Here’s how we can support you during the pandemic:
  • Offer risk assessment and H&S consultancy for store layouts and traffic flow
  • Propose and promote recommended guidelines and procedures
  • Manage footfall, in turn, helping to protect your employees, customers and assets
  • Manage queues, entry and spacing between customers
  • Identify and monitor items considered a ‘high-risk’ of theft during tough economic times
  • Act as customer service to help keep shoppers informed of important safety messages
Here’s why you should partner with us, no matter the economic climate:
  • Our guards are a natural deterrent for opportunist thieves - sending a firm message to any would-be shoplifters and ensuring other shoppers feel safe and at ease
  • All of our security personnel are trained to the highest standards and highly experienced in the retail space
  • We train our guards to recognise blind spots, where shoplifting is likely to occur, and behaviours which may be deemed suspicious
  • We react. Our security officers are fully trained to locate and remove shoplifters, vandals, and other unwanted visitors…
  • Our officers know the right procedures to take when reporting a crime to the police and their years of experience make them impeccable witnesses