The NCC – Managing a large workforce

There are many challenges that come with running a business in the security industry. Possibly the most significant challenge is the management of the large volume of officers and employees in the business. They need training, instructions, motivation and engaging work.

A huge part of management is the lesser spoken about admin side which includes shift scheduling, holiday cover, recruitment, the list goes on.

The management and scheduling of over 4000 officer shifts on a daily basis is a mammoth task.

The difference between managing and excelling in this area can depend on the approach taken by the security organisation as each method of management has its pros and cons.

Some claim getting local area managers to schedule their own work gives a greater level of ownership. This is true. But it also increases a local managers workload significantly, meaning they can’t man manage their officers or interact with clients as much as they should.

We at Cordant however believe centralised scheduling has far more benefits.

That’s why we have our National Communications Centre (NCC). Manned by approximately 20 employees around the clock the NCC is this is the hub of our activity, managing and scheduling the shifts for our 4000 officers all across the UK. This specialised team at the heart of our business brings great benefits.

Management Can Focus On What Matters

Something that we went into more detail in our Officer Engagement (link) article, we believe field management should be focused on two things only. Customers and colleagues.

Everything else should be removed from their working day to allow this to happen as best as possible. We hire our managers for their people skills as well as their security knowledge. They should be free to interact and motivate our officers as well as converse with our clients.

Taking away the bulk of scheduling and recruitment allows this to happen.

24/7 Ability to React

Security never stops. Shifts start and end throughout the 24 hour period. Any one of these shifts could potentially be dropped by an officer ringing in sick or being unable to attend work. It would be ludicrous to expect our management team to be on call 24 hours a day.

Having a 24/7 central resource means we are always able to react and address any issues that arise meaning minimal service disruption to our clients.

The Management of Health & Safety

Now this might not be an obvious one but the NCC plays a significant role in the management of aspects of our health and safety. Due to their specialist knowledge and robust systems they are better able to manage health and safety issues such as check calls and working time directives.

Officers that work alone or on remote sites need to be monitored to make sure they’re safe and no incidents have occurred. The NCC manages all of our check calls, constantly engaging with our officers that require them.

Dedication Equals Expertise

Because the NCC is solely dedicated to scheduling and shift coverage the team that work there have developed a high level of knowledge and focus that cannot be replicated by a local area manager.

Managers shouldn’t be a ‘jack of all trades’. We want each of our employees to be experts in the fields that they operate in. This is where they bring tremendous value.

These are a few of the benefits that come with investing in our control room.

We can offer and deliver a truly excellent service whilst keeping our shift coverage at industry leading levels