Value For Money in Security

You’re looking for a security partner to manage all your security needs throughout the UK. Because designing and implementing a successful security solution is difficult, you’ve decided you need expert advice from the leading security providers in the market.

But how can you know what you’re getting is good value for money.

What is value for money in manned guarding?

Value for money can come in all different shapes, sizes and services but let's start by looking at cost within manned guarding. Without being efficient with your operation your value added services will always be too expensive.

Because manned guarding is a service carried out by a large amount of trained professionals the main element of the charge rate is wages. The ongoing increases with the Living Wage and Real Living Wage have ensured that this cost continually increases on a regular basis, increasing the pressure on businesses to keep raising their prices.

With wages making up the majority of the cost within the industry a security company needs to be creative when trying to reduce costs. Office functions, recruitment, deployment, mobilisation, all these areas have the potential to be made more efficient.

Once all that is in place we can start looking at how we can add value.


Training is key in the security industry but what you’ll find throughout is that many companies use it as a tick box exercise. Training is a 3 hour induction or ‘death by powerpoint’. In my opinion it’s not really training at all.

We’re currently investing in video training where each of our managers can choose from a suite of videos that they deem relevant for the client they work for. Videos on conflict management, patrolling, anti-terrorism procedures and many more will all be included to give our officers an engaging way to learn about their role in security.

Ability to flex and adapt

We continually look for new ways to improve what we do and this comes from all levels of the business. We look for suggestions directly from the frontline in our officer forums so we can hear problems or solutions first hand from our employees.

At a senior level directors research, develop and implement new practices to ensure we are always striving to improve.

Value added extras

Beyond the provision of manned guarding can the security organisation provide other complementary services? In security this may be including consultancy to give a holistic view of your security provision.

For us at Cordant we have many added values services in Security but we also have other sister companies who offer great services in their respective industries. Cleaning, Technical and Recruitment Services are all covered throughout our group.


Ultimately the return on any security investment is based on results. If the security provider can demonstrate that the final cost of their services not only includes their expert solutions that secure your site but includes a whole host of additional and sometimes exclusive value added services it would be hard to disagree that the cost isn’t excellent value for money.